TCS plans to hire 40,000 employees

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which hired around 40,000 employees in fiscal 2021, aims to hire a similar number or a little more during the financial year 2022.
TCS Netherlands
“Our operating model is very sound. It is based on people coming in from campus. Our rigorous internal talent development goes on around the year and some people coming from the market. Now that the national qualifier test is happening four times in the year that allows us to take in more people as and when we need,” Milind Lakkad, chief HR officer, TCS said.

Bulk of the new hiring will be done in the first quarter of FY22, but could extend up to three quarters as well, which will depend on how the demand shapes up. TCS achieved an all-time low attrition rate of 7.2 percent in the January-March period.

TCS added 19,388 employees in Q4 to its rolls. The total headcount stood at 488,649, a net addition of 40,185 during the year.

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