TCS employees up in arms against job cut in Finland

Infotech Lead Europe: TCS employees in Finland are up in arms against its job cut policy.

TCS employees at the Finland offices staged a walkout protesting against job cuts.

TCS says the company has started consultations on the issue with their representatives, PTI reported.

TCS spokesperson said: “TCS has begun collective consultations in Finland with employee representatives. The consultation process is aimed at streamlining TCS’ operations in selected areas and harmonizing them with its global operations.”

About 160 TCS employees based at its offices in Espoo and Salo in Finland reportedly staged a walkout at the company’s premises protesting over the decision to cut around 290 jobs.

The firm has about 800 employees in Finland.

TCS has been servicing the Finnish market for more than 11 years and has a registered office in Helsinki.

“The negotiations are expected to be concluded after six weeks. TCS is committed to supporting all potentially impacted employees throughout this process. Until the consultations with employee representatives are complete, TCS will be unable to provide any further details,” said the TCS spokesperson.

The total headcount at TCS stood at 276,196 as of March 31, 2013. The company said it will also hire 45,000 people this year and has already made 25,000 campus offers.

TCS has added 37,613 (net additions) employees in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013 to touch total employees to 276,196. Gross addition of employees was 69,728. However, TCS is facing attrition of 10.57. Out of the total attrition, BPO business faces attrition of 19.52 and IT services 9.4.

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