South Lakeland and Eden District Councils select Mitel MiContact

Business communication provider Mitel is offering MiContact Center for South Lakeland and Eden District Councils in Cumbria, England.

MiContact Center for Lync from Mitel integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Lync to deliver advanced contact Center applications for the District Councils’ 25 customer service agents.

The solution, implemented by Mitel partner Gateshead-based IT Professional Services, allows home-based agents to integrate seamlessly into the contact center and supervisors to manage and monitor operations from any location.

Caroline Metcalfe, contact venter team leader at South Lakeland, said, “With the contact Center, we can provide much richer information to callers and the ease of transferring interactions and collaborating with knowledge workers throughout the council has increased first call resolution rates and reduced call times.”

The virtual contact Center environment gives home-based agents complete access to all the voice and data capabilities of the contact Center and ensures customer service is not impacted if agents cannot reach the Council sites.

The management capability has been extended to the home, enabling supervisors to spot problem areas, analyze trends, and make decisions in real-time and also help to take calls at peak times.

Company officials said that the Mitel solution has allowed the two District Councils to adopt a more agile and proactive approach to citizen communication. Skills-based routing enabled South Lakeland to direct council tax-related calls to specialists in the contact Center, relieving pressure on the taxation department after new UK annual charges were communicated in March 2014.

Graham Bevington, vice president, Mitel, said, “MiContact Center for Lync is ideal for organizations that are invested in Microsoft Lync but need a more advanced and feature-rich contact Center solution, without added cost and complexity.”

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