Software AG launches market surveillance solution

IT services provider Software AG has launched Apama Market Surveillance solution.

The functionality of the new market surveillance solution was demonstrated at the Trade Tech exhibition and conference in Paris.

The new release includes simplified administration of highly localized surveillance that is surveillance by business line, by department, by geography.

The investment banks and brokers can now survey the market to a greater degree of granularity and have greater level of control over their exact surveillance logic with Apama Market Surveillance solution.

Software AG said in order to deliver a next generation market surveillance capability the company converges multiple technologies and includes in-memory data management, analytics and decision tools.

Apama is a comprehensive complex event processing (CEP)-based system.

Software AG headquarter

The market surveillance solution is deployed in over 40 trading institutions including 8 of the top tier one banks, including Unicredit, Royal Bank of Canada and ANZ bank.

Apama has the ability to correlate and monitor patterns across data streams within structured trading data and unstructured communications data.

“The Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring solution enables compliance officers and traders to respond quickly to regulatory changes or split-second market anomalies,” said John Bates, head of industry solutions & member of Group Executive Board, Software AG.

Few days ago, Software AG and IGATE launched ProFound, a solution based on Software AG’s ARIS Business and IT Transformation product suite to support the digital transformation journeys of its customers.

Last month, Software AG announced it will launch a Transformation to the Cloud initiative with the objective of helping enterprises to identify and implement their optimal cloud adoption strategies.

IT services firm Wipro and Software AG announced in January, their solution platform for streaming analytics that provides real-time actionable intelligence for the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

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