Scotland’s local government Improvement Service (IS) taps TCS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is working with Scotland’s local government Improvement Service (IS) to accelerate its digital transformation.
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TCS is using its DigiGOV framework to make digital services faster to configure, easier to use and more accessible. This includes the National Entitlement Card (NEC), Scotland’s national multi-application smart card.

TCS worked with the IS to design and develop GETYOURNEC.SCOT to ease the burden on local councils during the pandemic and to provide a richer customer experience. The portal allows people to apply for an NEC and manage their account from anywhere with an internet connection.

TCS said 24 of the 32 local councils across Scotland have now adopted the portal with the remaining 8 set to follow. The NEC is used by more than 2.2 million citizens to access a range of local authority services, national and local entitlements, including travel concessions for adults above 60, young people and disabled citizens. It is also used for discounts within retail and leisure outlets.

In September, GETYOURNEC.SCOT won the Gold Prize for the IS in the ‘Innovation’ category at the 2021 iESE Awards held in London, being recognized for transforming the delivery of public services, and for enhancing the online experience.

TCS has also worked with the IS to reimagine its website by using DigiGOV to optimise the online application process for businesses in Scotland to access vital financial support when adjusting to the impacts of COVID-19.

The project was rolled out in under four weeks across every local authority in the country, with 1,600 businesses receiving financial support through the new platform.

In addition, TCS is supporting the IS as it works with the Scottish Government to find ways to improve the operational effectiveness of dog control legislation, given the rising number of dog attacks on people and the variable number of dog control notices issued by local authorities across Scotland.

The IT services provider said 6 councils and Police Scotland centralised these notices successfully, leveraging TCS’ DeXAM platform, an innovative digital solution for data exchange, analysis and visualisation. It provides real-time search and analysis on the consolidated data, dashboards to visualise hotspots, and data exchange with other local authorities.

“By working with TCS, we are driving the digitisation of Scotland’s public services through intuitive online platforms, so those citizens willing and able to use technology can access the support they need,” Martin Brown, Head, Digital Public Services, Improvement Service, said.

Gopalan Rajagopalan, Head, TCS Scotland, said: “DigiGOV has enabled us to develop innovative proofs-of-concept and deliver integrated online services in very short timeframes that directly benefit the Scottish people.”