Samsung starts visual support service for its devices

Samsung Electronics today announced the introduction of a Visual Support service – for its devices from smartphones to smart home products – to offer advice based on visuals of the affected product provided by the user.
Samsung visual support
The Samsung Global Contact Center’s Visual Support service will assist its consultants to assess a product’s environment as well as its appearance.

Visual Support is currently operating in 12 countries including Korea, the USA, the UK, India, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Samsung plans to launch the innovative customer service globally by the end of the year. Samsung will also add more products including medical devices and others in the near future.

Satisfaction score for the innovative service in countries, where Visual Support is available, was 93.4, up from the call-only service satisfaction score of 88.7.

“I did not have to reach out to Samsung a second time via email to send the pictures needed, as the consultant just used a photo taken while on the call using Visual Support. It was very convenient,” an Australian customer who used the service to fix washing machine drainage, said.

Once the customer has granted Visual Support secure permission, the consultant is able to analyze a product as seen directly through the customer’s camera. This enables the consultant to more accurately assess the situation, request more information from the customer and guide them forward with specific measures.

Both the consultant and the customer can use a mouse or a finger to annotate their device’s screen, meaning that both parties can indicate to the other the specific area of the product they are referring to.

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