Royal Philips taps Cognizant to develop digital health solutions

Royal Philips, a health technology company, has selected Cognizant to develop end-to-end digital health solutions that will enable healthcare organizations and life sciences companies to improve patient care and accelerate clinical trials.
Cognizant employees
The alliance brings together Philips HealthSuite, a cloud-based platform and Cognizant’s digital engineering expertise to deliver and maintain leading-edge digital health solutions at scale, providing advanced connectivity and using big data to create actionable insights.

Philips HealthSuite, built on Amazon Web Services, is an integrated, modular set of standards-based capabilities that support the development of digital health propositions. The platform securely stores critical healthcare data and provides both advanced data analytics and AI capabilities.

To date, more than 100 types of medical devices have been integrated into HealthSuite, with over 145 billion clinical images securely archived on the cloud platform.

Cognizant will build, deploy, implement, and operate client-specific applications on Philips HealthSuite. These customizable, scalable solutions integrate advanced data analytics, helping to improve both the patient and clinician experience by providing relevant data to the appropriate point-of-care.

With these solutions, healthcare providers can monitor their patients outside traditional clinical settings, and patients can stay more informed of their own well-being. In addition, both biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers can quickly gain actionable insights through advanced analytics to make more informed clinical development decisions and rapidly bring new solutions to patients.

Shez Partovi, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Royal Philips, said: “Partnering with Cognizant’s digital engineering teams will accelerate the adoption of solutions built on Philips HealthSuite, delivering digital solutions.”