Rahi to buy Herpin Communications to bolster presence in Taiwan

Rahi Systems, an IT, data center infrastructure and enterprise IT solutions provider, announced the acquisition of Herpin Communications, to strengthen presence in Taiwan.
Rahi Systems solutions
Rahi Systems, which has 700+ employees located in over 30 worldwide locations, said this is the seventh global acquisition. Rahi Systems did not reveal financial details of the deal. The acquisition will assist Rahi to expand its team in Taiwan to 40 employees.

Herpin Communications is a well-established integration services provider in Taiwan known for providing communication, information, network, and security office automation solutions. The merging of Rahi’s Taiwan entity and Herpin Communications will expand the companies footprint in the following industries:

# Integration services in Physical Layer to Data Center Technology Infrastructure

# Enterprise Campus Technologies & Services including Data, Wireless and Audio / Video

# Distribution, Logistics and Services across Taiwan.

# Managed Services

“We aim to provide international customers and domestic ROC Taiwan customers with a substantially expanded set of services and offerings globally. Partners and customers of both Herpin or Rahi, can expect enhanced support in bringing their technologies to a broader market,” said Tarun Raisoni, CEO of Rahi.

Rahi also announced the appointment of Johnny Lin as the VP of Engineering & Services and Teresa Chu as the VP of Solutions & Sales.

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