Plantronics Device-as-a-Service enables Cloud providers to offer pay-as-you-go solution

Plantronics today said Plantronics Device-as-a-Service, a 12, 24, or 36-month program, enables Cloud service providers to offer a pay-as-you-go communications solution.

A part of Plantronics-as-a-Service, Plantronics Device-as-a-Service is the first offering from Plantronics. The new offering complements the Cloud Service Provider’s subscription business model for SMB and mid-market businesses, by adding a new recurring revenue stream from bundled hardware.

Enterprise customers will benefit from Plantronics Device-as-a-Service program as they can buy a total communications solution in a packaged, pay-as-you-go manner from a single Cloud Service Provider. Customers can scale usage to match changes in their business and to match the right communications devices to their users’ work styles.

“As more businesses are realizing the value of a pay as you use Opex model, we are pleased to have Plantronics launch the Plantronics-as-a-Service program and see clear benefits for our Lync customers and Cloud Service Providers,” said Giovanni Mezgec, general manager, Lync Product Marketing, Microsoft.