Pitney Bowes, Communisis agree on 10-year deal

Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes won a decade-long IT contract with Communisis to provide transformational mailing insertion solutions and software for Communisis, a customer communication provider for major brands.

As per the agreement, Pitney Bowes will operate at Communisis’s Transactional Print and Mail Center of Excellence in Yorkshire, UK. Pitney Bowes, which provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, is expected to make Communisis’s client communication fast, accurate and secure.

“It was straightforward to engage Pitney Bowes because they provide physical and digital end-to-end solutions that deliver intelligence at each critical touchpoint in the print and mail operation,” said David Herridge, managing director, Communisis.

“This enables us to deliver critical documents with precision and accuracy and run an effective continuous improvement program across our business which supports our mission of becoming a world-class leader in Intelligent Communication Management.”

Pitney Bowes said the new contract builds upon the success of Communisis’ first Transactional Print and Mail Center of Excellence in Liverpool, UK. This is also supported by Pitney Bowes.

Jason C. Dies, President of Document Messaging Technologies at Pitney Bowes noted that a clear requirement emerged for a new, transformational mailing strategy which would integrate high-performance solutions with sophisticated software platforms.

“This is exactly what Pitney Bowes has rolled out for the organization. We have on-site engineers until 2024 at both the Print and Mail Centers of Excellence to ensure the seamless operations and maximum performance of our technology.”

Earlier in September, Pitney Bowes announced the global availability of EngageOne Video, a customer engagement solution that delivers interactive communications designed specifically for each viewer.

The company said this technology is designed to help telecommunications companies to explain data and usage charges on billing statements; turns complicated insurance policies into interactive educational tutorials; and empowers financial service providers the ability to better understand and communicate investment options to clients.

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