Pharma customers for Genesys | Angel cloud solutions up 200% in 2012

 Infotech Lead America: The number of pharmaceutical industry customers for Genesys | Angel cloud-based solutions rose 200 percent in 2012.

Genesys, a provider of customer service and contact center solutions, says its cloud-based solutions enable pharmaceutical companies to better serve doctors, pharmacists and consumers.

As pharmaceutical companies manage more brands with regulation and compliance needs, delivering better customer experience is a requirement for doing business and differentiating against the competition.

Dave Rennyson, president of Angel, said: “Pharmaceutical organizations understand cloud solutions can streamline operations and provide a significant boost in flexibility and speed, while tailoring the experience to meet the brand’s needs and improve overall customer satisfaction.”

Pharmaceutical companies’ customers will benefit self-service offerings, including prescription filling and renewals, order placements for pharmacies and hospitals, and consumer services including customer support and card activation services for promotions and trials.

Seven of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies use the Genesys | Angel solutions from Genesys, including global brands AstraZeneca, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Roche, and Triplefin, which serves Novartis, and Eli Lilly.

Genesys | Angel platform provides pharmaceutical organizations to design inbound and outbound interactive voice response (IVR) solutions for self-service, reducing costs and eliminating disparate and proprietary IVRs by moving to a centralized cloud-based deployment model.


Customer Case Studies

Genesys | Angel customer AstraZeneca previously worked with several different IVR providers and solutions, resulting in high costs and often requiring weeks to implement simple changes to the IVR system.

Thanks to Genesys | Angel solutions, AstraZeneca has significantly reduced costs and IVR maintenance, and is now able to quickly create, deploy and scale personalized customer care solutions that provide a single view of the customers.

Genesys | Angel CX Analytics are integrated with Angel’s customer experience platform, giving pharmaceutical companies real-time business intelligence and reporting to clearly measure progress against established goals, easily adjust programs to meet varying brand and customer needs, and gain the actionable insight to personalize service.

Anthony Finazzo, project manager, AstraZeneca, said: “We were able to develop a streamlined approach to our customer care, seamlessly integrate the solution with our systems and gain a holistic view of our customers’ experience.”

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