NTT DATA to work with DOJ to build case management system for NICS

NTT DATA has won a tech deal from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to build a case management system that will update the process for federal submissions.
NTT DATA servicesThese submissions will update Criminal Histories and offer tracking and relating of to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) prohibitors. The technology solution will synchronize disparate data from key federal systems, and simplify what are currently intensive manual processes to create a NICS management solution.

FixNICS Working Group chose NTT DATA for the project. NTT DATA has supported several DOJ clients since 2002.

Tammy McChain, Senior Vice President, Federal Health and Civilian, NTT DATA, said: “We look forward to creating an improved NICS reporting service and enabling the DOJ to reap the benefits of more accurate, real-time data that is properly correlated with relevant government offices, courts and law enforcement agencies.”

The FixNICS Working Group is a collaboration between the Executive and Judicial branches to improve firearm background checks by matching federal arrests from the Joint Automated Booking System with U.S. Courts’ judgment and commitment orders and correlating U.S. attorneys office prohibitors to address DOJ gaps in reporting requirements.

NTT DATA will tailor an Agile DevSecOps approach to deliver Disposition and Prohibitor Reporting Service capabilities to the DOJ within 12 months. NTT DATA’s Agile process will provide a roadmap for delivering NICS software with predictability.

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