Nilfisk selects Talkdesk contact center solution

Nilfisk, a leading cleaning technology provider based in Denmark, has selected Talkdesk contact center solution because its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered workforce engagement features will allow Nilfisk to transform both the agent and customer experience (CX).
Talkdesk contact center solutionsNilfisk will use Talkdesk CX Cloud for a modernized, cloud-based contact center platform that can grow with the company at scale. Talkdesk Quality Management will enable Nilfisk to leverage intelligent contact monitoring and reporting features for enhancing customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness, Talkdesk said in a news statement.

AI-powered Talkdesk QM Assist will automate the quality management process with searchable transcripts and sentiment analysis, supporting effective real-time coaching opportunities for the Nilfisk team of customer care agents. Talkdesk for Salesforce will streamline operations while maintaining personalized engagement across channels.

“The Talkdesk solution will allow Nilfisk to automate our quality management efforts. We estimate that Talkdesk AI-powered features can streamline 50 percent to 75 percent of the contact monitoring process for our managers – allowing them to assess a larger volume of conversations and provide real-time coaching for our customer care agents,” said Ben Quirk, vice president, customer care, US & Europe at Nilfisk.

NetNordic will be the implementation partner.

Jan Brandi, sales specialist UC and contact center at NetNordic, said: “Talkdesk-powered contact center will streamline operations for Nilfisk and provide their customers with highly personalized engagements.”

Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk, said: “With the Talkdesk solution, Nilfisk can make every customer conversation matter. We’re proud to partner with NetNordic and Nilfisk to create customer experiences that delight.”

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