NICE Systems holds 28.3% share in Speech Analytics market in 2012

Infotech Lead Asia: NICE Systems is holding 28.3 percent market share in Speech Analytics market in 2012.

According to DMG Consulting, NICE has increased its market share to 28.3 percent, based on number of seats, from 23.2 percent. NICE has the largest number of customers.

In the report, NICE received a perfect CSAT score in two categories, innovation and speech analytics workshops. In the category of product satisfaction, the company earned the top score with a rating of highly satisfied based on criteria that included ease of configuration, system flexibility, ability to conduct root cause analysis, ability to conduct discovery, and more.

“Speech analytics is a key application in the emerging area of multi-channel analytics. DMG expects the speech analytics market to continue to perform very well for the next several years, with projected growth rates ranging from 22 to 16 percent between 2012 and 2015,” said Donna Fluss, president, DMG Consulting.

DMG says real-time analytics and guidance solutions are starting to catch on in contact centers. This emerging group of applications is dedicated to influencing or altering the outcomes of customer interactions and has great potential benefits for contact centers.

“We are pleased to be recognized year after year as the market leader in speech analytics. As noted in the report, we are also one of the leading providers of real-time analytics technology,” said Yochai Rozenblat, president of the Enterprise Group at NICE.

The NICE Speech Analytics technology includes root cause analysis, emotion detection, and sentiment analysis, and is an essential component of the company’s Workforce Optimization suite. NICE’s Real-Time Speech Analytics solution provides automated agent guidance and next-best-action prompts while the interaction is taking place, and can notify decision-makers about an important event.

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