New Zealand’s Co-operative Bank modernizes IT infrastructure with Unisys


New Zealand’s Co-operative Bank has modernized IT infrastructure using Unisys ClearPath Forward systems.

The software-based fabric architecture of ClearPath Forward enables the bank to deliver core banking services to its customers.

The modernized environment also helps the bank to provide flexible and  spare capacity to  offer new products and services.

Unisys ClearPath Forward infrastructure provides enhanced security for client and business information and offers scalability to support the addition of new services.

Furthermore, Unisys’s automated application modernization solution ClearPath ePortal supports the bank’s SOA environment in delivering in-branch, mobile and online banking solutions.

The bank replaced the Unisys ClearPath Libra 690 and ES7000 servers with ClearPath Forward 4390 fabrics to deliver a highly available infrastructure running MCP, Windows and VMware.

As a result, the bank has experienced increased throughput to feed mobile and online banking.

Moreover, it reduced batch times and data transfer speeds between different operating systems to near 50 Gbps.

“We invested in refreshing and modernizing our underlying IT infrastructure to create an environment that supports our bi-modal IT delivery needs now and into the future,” said Annette Natta, general manager of Information Services at The Co-operative Bank.

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