NAPHSIS selects Cognizant to transform electronic verification system

NAPHSIS (National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems) has selected Cognizant to transform its Electronic Verification of Vital Events (EVVE) system.

The IT initiative is expected to assist NAPHSIS to make it easier for businesses and government entities to verify birth and death records, and prevent identity theft.

Cognizant will also help NAPHSIS grow its customer base by enhancing its marketing strategy and attracting new subscribers. The engagement will enable NAPHSIS to expand the usage of EVVE across federal and state agencies.

The new and improved EVVE will match queries against 250 million birth records in participating vital record databases nationwide. By using a single interface, subscribers will now be able to verify the validity of a paper birth certificate or request an electronic certification in lieu of the paper birth certificate.

The system will prevent fraudulent acts by flagging if the person matched is deceased, while also providing for the electronic verification and certification of death records. The new EVVE will also support broadcast or fact-of-death queries to help subscribers check if a death record exists anywhere in the U.S. for a particular individual.

David Johnson, vice president of Cognizant’s Global Public Sector practice, said: “With a stronger technology and marketing backbone, EVVE will play an even more important role across a wide variety of programs that benefit virtually every citizen in the U.S.”

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