Mphasis launches HyperGraf to analyze millions of multi-structured data

Mphasis, IT services provider, has launched HyperGraf to analyze millions of multi-structured data points spread across multiple customer engagement channels.

Mphasis said HyperGraf is its first product offering developed by its technology incubator Next Labs.

The Omni-channel Digital 360 solution provides enterprise decision-makers with comprehensive, accurate and real-time customer engagement insights.

The company said HyperGraf generates actionable insights by bridging the gap between enterprise data and external and third party data such as social media, credit scores, open data and other multi-media datasets.

Additionally, companies can also generate business-relevant insights from digital footprints of customer interactions across channels, identify leads, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and create engaging customer experiences.


Company officials said HyperGraf is flexible, customizable and requires no upfront investments.

“Actionable insights are what business enterprises are demanding. Abundance of data across social networks and within the enterprise needs to be tapped in a meaningful way,” said Mr. Ganesh Ayyar, CEO and Executive Director of Mphasis.

Few days ago, Mphasis, a HP company, sold a part of its India BPO business to Karvy Data Management Services (KDMSL).

In March, Mphasis launched a solution, Digital Customer Experiment Management (CEM) in collaboration with Adobe, Artificial Solutions, Lavastrom and MCorpCX to help its customers use digital technology for better customer experience management.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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