Mphasis and Delta Power unveil e-Surveillance & power efficiency solution for ATM market

IT services vendor Mphasis has teamed up with Delta Power Solutions to unveil an e-Surveillance & power efficiency solution called ProTecht targeting the ATM market.

The partnership will enable Mphasis Payment Managed Services (MPMS), the ATM Deployment and Management Services unit of Mphasis, to offer single window solution for ATM security and power efficiency across the ATM industry.

ProTecht’s single user interface provides a 360 degree view of an ATM and the ATM site. ProTecht’s bi-directional and programmable features provides economic multi-layered security solution such as active-deterrence, real-time security monitoring, image and video analytics.

The HP company said ProTecht will help Mphasis addresses a suite of customer centric offerings for safety and security that include theft prevention, theft deterrent, real time alarms and reduction in overall energy spends at ATM sites by 30 percent and proactive maintenance to ensure higher uptime.

Mphasis Payment Managed Services offers ATM Deployment and Management Services to 26 public sector banks in India. Mphasis has deployed over 8,500 ATMs within a short span of time, making it the fastest and largest deployer of ATMs under the Ministry of Finance ATM outsourcing project.

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