Mindtree delivers SAP mobile solutions in cloud and pay-by-usage model in Australia

IT services company Mindtree will deliver SAP mobile solutions in the cloud and with a pay-by-usage model in Australia market.

Mindtree and SAP today said this is their first Managed Mobility Offering for the Australia market, a growing IT market.

Managed mobility services from Mindtree and SAP enable organizations to mobilize their business with little complexity, minimal set-up time, and zero infrastructure costs.

Mindtree will offer services including consulting, installation, hosting, and maintenance for the SAP Work Manager application in the cloud.

In addition, the companies offer pre-built ready-to-deploy apps that clients can utilize for business scenarios ranging from enabling payments to managing loyalty points.

SAP Customer Loyalty, for example, is a customizable mobile application designed to enable consumer-facing brands to build stronger relationships with their customers, as well as boost customer loyalty, transaction volumes, and conversion rates.

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