LIVEKINDLY Collective deploys cloud and predictive analytics

Genpact announced The LIVEKINDLY Collective, a collective of plant-based food and media brands, is leveraging cloud technology and predictive analytics to improve operations and drive growth.
Genpact BPO office
The LIVEKINDLY Collective will use predictive analytics and rapid forecasting – analyzing conventional internal information such as product specifications and buying trends, as well terabytes of relevant external consumer data including social media chatter – to create personalized customer experiences for buying and consuming plant-based foods.

The LIVEKINDLY Collective uses forward-looking intelligence to allow LIVEKINDLY Collective to anticipate and match market demand, from managing supply chain operations to knowing what crop to plant when, bringing quality products to market when customers need them most.

Genpact’s solution, built with the enterprise resource planning power of SAP S/4HANA, standardizes and connects operations across all aspects of the business, including customer acquisition, procurement, supply chain management, finance, human resources, and other key functions.

Genpact’s expertise in digital technology and consumer goods and retail processes allowed it to create a sophisticated design across all key functional areas in three weeks, and an end-to-end infrastructure that The LIVEKINDLY Collective launched live in six months.

The Genpact and LIVEKINDLY Collective teams collaborated remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, and the solution is one of the many SAP S/4HANA installations developed in the cloud during this challenging work environment.

“Cloud-based, real-time operations are driving future of business, and giving LIVEKINDLY Collective an edge over larger competitors with cumbersome legacy systems,” BK Kalra, global businesses leader, consumer goods and retail at Genpact, said.

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