Lenovo and Optus select [24]7’s live chat solution Assist

Infotech Lead Asia: Lenovo and Optus have selected [24]7 Assist, a live chat solution.

The live chat solution combines prediction and real-time decisioning with big data analytics.

Leveraging [24]7’s Predictive Experience Platform, which delivers better customer experience across web and mobile channels, [24]7 Assist drives more productive and effective sales and customer services.

“[24]7’s cloud-based predictive analytics platform has delivered real business results for Lenovo. Chat revenue used to be a very small part of our sales, less than one percent. Today chat revenue is a significant contributor to our revenue stream, representing over 30 percent of total online sales. The predictive analytics accurately tells us whom to target, when to intervene, how to help, and what to offer. Now we spend more time helping the right customers in the right ways,” said Lewis Broadnax, executive director, Web Sales and Marketing, Lenovo.

Rohan Ganeson, managing director – Sales, Consumer Group at Optus, a telecom service provider in Australia, said: “Optus is committed to providing a world-class, omni-channel experience to our customers. The [24]7 Assist chat solution helps Optus leverage prediction and strong data analytics to deliver this experience. [24]7 continues to deliver the most innovative technology for customer interactions for Optus.”

Ovum, in its recent report, highlighted [24]7 as a leader in cross-channel interactions in its real-time decisioning engine technology space.

“[24]7 has done a remarkable job incorporating big data, predictive analytics, and cross-channel interactions in its real-time decisioning engine technology,” said Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst, Customer Experience and Interaction at Ovum.

“[24]7 Assist is a key part of our cross-channel customer solutions being adopted by the world’s leading retail, technology, communications, financial and travel companies. It is critical to our broad vision of delivering a ‘single digital hub’ where customers can use any channel and device and interact in a consistent, intuitive way,” said PV Kannan, founder and CEO, [24]7.

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