Karlskrona Municipality signs 2-year contract with Cybercom for Google Apps

Karlskrona Municipality has signed a two-year contract with Cybercom for its Google Apps center of Excellence.

According to the contract Cybercom will assist Karlskrona Municipality with the introduction of Google Apps in municipal primary schools, secondary schools and adult education.

By using Google Apps for Education cloud service, Karlskrona Municipality is moving towards more modern digital IT in its schools.


Several students can work simultaneously on the same documents for assignment with Google Apps.

Google Apps is a suite of software for business and government with everything managed via a web browser with all data stored in Google’s secure cloud data centers.

Also, Google Apps include services for email, storage, video conferencing, word processing, presentation, spreadsheets and survey tools.

“The introduction of cloud computing is not just about saving money, but also about achieving a more efficient and modern way of working,” said Johan Persbeck, account manager, Cybercom.

To help teachers create and organize assignments, provide feedback and communicate with their classes, Google last year announced a free tool in the Google Apps for Education Suite, preview of Classroom.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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