Ixia Chariot contact center solution launched

Infotech Lead America: Ixia’s new contact center solution is aimed to validate and harden the infrastructures of enterprise contact centers.

Ixia Chariot Contact Center, based on the IxChariot network assessment technology, enables enterprises to assess the performance, scalability and security of their IP communications infrastructures at any load.

The Chariot Contact Center solution’s testing validates the reliability of contact center networks and mitigates current infrastructure concerns. The resulting actionable insights enable an enterprise to know how the contact center will respond during the most important customer engagement seasons and the times most vulnerable to malicious attacks.

With the Chariot Contact Center solution, within minutes enterprises can create a call tree of any volume and run multiple simulated scenarios to assess and validate the contact center network’s reliability.

The Ixia Chariot Contact Center solution offers an intuitive web-based user interface with drop-downs and form-fills that use common call center terms to guide users through test case creation, deployment and reporting.

The Ixia Chariot Contact Center solution gives enterprises the confidence that critical communications infrastructures will handle heavy call loads, route calls as expected and maintain exceptional voice quality.

“SecureLogix helps protect many contact center environments from TDoS attacks, which involve burst calls meant to flood and overwhelm corporate voice resources,” said David Heard, SecureLogix Vice President of Product Management and Marketing.

Ixia’s solutions are an important component of TDoS prevention, allowing an enterprise to stress-test its infrastructure, profile its vulnerability level to TDoS and better ensure business continuity.

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