IT News Break: Capgemini’s India jobs up by 881 in first quarter

Infotech Lead India: Capgemini’s headcount in India has increased to 41,900 in the first quarter of 2013 from 41,019 in Q4 2012.

The increase in Indian manpower is happening at a time when Nasscom recently predicting slower growth in job additions in IT – BPO companies in the country.

In March 2012, Capgemini’s headcount in India was 36,204.

Capgemini’s overall headcount – mainly in overseas markets – also rose to 126,429 in March 2013 from 125,110 in December 2012 and from 120,542 in March 2012.

Increase in Indian jobs reflects Capgemini’s India employee plans. In April 2013, Capgemini launched its new brand campaign — Be the YOU want to be — showcasing employees as part of real-life stories/challenges.

The campaign aims at promoting Capgemini as a preferred career destination, by highlighting real stories of Capgemini team members – their experiences, challenges and other key elements that have helped them develop as a person and as a technology professional.

Meanwhile, the Q1 2013 revenues of Capgemini decreased 2.6 percent to €2.49 billion.

The decrease in revenue was primarily due to weak economic conditions in Europe and a negative calendar impact in Q1 2013.

Paul Hermelin, chairman and CEO of Capgemini, said: We continue to pursue the implementation of our three priorities: expanding our offering portfolio to address evolving client needs, recruiting young graduates to maintain a balanced age pyramid and industrializing our processes to increase our competitiveness.”

Capgemini says its consulting services, technology services and local professional services reported average 3 percent drop in revenues. Technology services declined 1.2 percent, while consulting services and local professional services (Sogeti) contracted 10.1 percent and 5.2 percent, respectively. Outsourcing Services revenues rose 0.2 percent.

Performance in key geograpies

Emerging countries of Asia and Latin America reported 6.3 percent growth.

Business in the United Kingdom and Ireland rose 2 percent as private sector lifted the revenue.

Revenue was stable in North America following the slowdown in sales at the end of 2012.

France, the Group’s largest business in terms of revenues, was affected by the economic climate and reported a drop in revenues of 4.8 percent. The rest of Europe, particularly susceptible to cyclical impacts, is down 2.6 percent.

Capgemini has bookings of €2,17 billion in Q1, similar to Q1 2012.


The Capgemini group maintains its objectives for 2013 and continues to forecast like-for-like revenue growth in line with 2012 (+1.2 percent).

The Capgemini Group forecasts an operating margin in excess of 8.3 percent, before amortization of intangible assets acquired through business combinations

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