Infosys TalentEdge platform powers Hudson to save significantly

Samson David, vice president and global head , Business Platforms, Infosys

Infotech Lead India: Hudson, a talent solutions company, has implemented Infosys TalentEdge platform.

Infosys claims that Hudson has benefitted from significant savings since it adopted the cloud-based platform 18 months ago. The cost savings were through process efficiencies, technology, management and support time, and real estate costs.

When Hudson selected Infosys, cost reduction was a secondary driver to quality and innovation.

Hudson’s businesses in Australia and New Zealand are using Infosys TalentEdge to streamline payroll and billing for more than 2,000 temporary and contract staff managed for Hudson clients, as well as to handle payroll for Hudson’s own 600 employees.

“Our legacy payroll and billing systems were siloed, inefficient and nearing end of life. To continue to grow our business, we knew we needed a best-in-class integrated platform like Infosys TalentEdge,” said Hudson’s Asia Pacific Chief Financial Officer, Mark Leigh.

Infosys and Hudson recently co-created a contractor portal as an add-on to the platform, which Leigh says is a key to improving user satisfaction.

Hudson worked with Infosys to create an intuitive online portal that enables Hudson contractors to get paid accurately, and to subscribe to SMS based real-time alerts.

Hudson is expecting more feedback from customers as the talent solutions company take advantage of TalentEdge mobility features like iPad and iPhone support.

Australian portal consultancy Collaborative Technologies supported Hudson and Infosys in designing and building the new portal.

“Infosys and Hudson have brought together their respective expertise in talent management and technology consulting to create a solution that liberates organizations. They can spend less time on transactional Human Resource processes like payroll and more on deepening engagement and driving business growth,” said Samson David, vice president and global head – Business Platforms, Infosys.

Infosys TalentEdge is a flexible platform designed to meet different talent management requirements of individual clients — from smart device support and social media-style collaboration to performance management and succession planning. The platform is designed to offer enterprise grade functionality for the entire ‘hire-to-retire’ HR life cycle in a scalable, ‘pay-as-you-go’ model. Additionally client data is hosted locally to assure data sovereignty.

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