Infosys signs 3-year digital deal with TOMS

IT services provider Infosys has signed a three-year digital deal with TOMS to maintain and develop its digital platform.

The Bangalore-based Infosys will support TOMS to streamline the manage its web-based properties and introduce automation technologies to lower support and development costs.

Infosys will introduce automation solutions to the testing environment, targeting automation of 70 percent of the regression testing suite for TOMS digital operations using Infosys Web Test Automation Framework.

The transition to a single-supplier model will enable TOMS to introduce new functionality with ease across all its properties, including mobile environments.

Infosys will manage the systems upgrade to Oracle ATG 11.1.

Infosys will provide TOMS with Information Technology support in six countries in which it currently operates – the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., France and the Netherlands

Matt King, senior vice president – Technology, TOMS, said: “Infosys brings to us valuable experience to support and optimize the way we run our existing digital platforms so that we have the time and resources to branch out into new areas. It is vital that we have trusted partners as we grow our business.”

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