Infosys sacks techies for non-performance, indiscipline

Infosys has recently sacked some employees for non-performance and indiscipline, the software major said on Monday.

“There are no layoffs at Infosys. There have been a few separations that are in response to performance and disciplinary issues, which take place on an ongoing basis and is no different from previous years,” the city-based company said in a statement here.

Refuting reports in a section of media that it had sacked 500 employees, the outsourcing firm said the number was far below than reported.

“We pride on being one of the best employers, with a high degree of commitment to professional norms and performance, while providing our employees a good work-life balance. We also offer flexibility to our employees so that they can achieve this easily,” the IT major asserted.

Admitting that those found consistently deviating from expectations were asked to find alternate employment, the company said it had a progressive policy for those who do not meet expected standards of performance or commitments.

“This (policy) applies to employees across levels and is not connected with any business situation that is not in the control of the employee,” the statement added.

Last week, the IT major clarified that it would not lay off nearly 3,000 techies after the Royal Bank of Scotland cancelled its contract for setting up a new bank (Williams & Glyn) but redeploy them in other projects.

“We would like to clarify that there are no job losses and that all employees affected by the ramp down that will take place over the next several months will be redeployed on other projects,” the company said in a statement on August 17.

The Edinburgh-based RBS announced recently that it would no longer pursue its plan to separate and list a new UK (British) standalone bank (W&G) and instead pursue other options for the divestment of its business.


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