Infosys reveals benefits of Skava Commerce

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka
Technology outsourcing company Infosys has revealed the benefits of Skava Commerce, an e-commerce platform to deliver omni-channel experience.

Skava Commerce was developed by Skava, a Silicon Valley based e-commerce startup acquired by Infosys.

The benefits of Skava Commerce include quick launch of new offerings, improvement in conversion rates of digital channels and creation of responsive digital properties.

Infosys said Skava Commerce enables businesses to leverage cloud-based microservices and white label applications.

Businesses can integrate the platform into existing technologies, while providing a future-ready architecture by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, natural language processing and virtual reality (VR).

The platform includes a mobile-first responsive web store and native mobile shopping applications that can be managed by non-technical business users through SkavaSTUDIO – an intuitive web-based experience management tool.

Infosys will use its consulting and integration capabilities to bring Skava Commerce to its global client base of retailers, CPG companies and others who need a flexible and modular approach to maximize the value of digital customer engagement.

Skava is offering a source code license of the complete platform or specific microservices to help large retailers who are already on the journey of building their own platform. Such retailers can accelerate their journey and save significant time and money by incorporating Skava’s modular technology components.

The platform uses modern technologies such as cloud and mobile to launch sophisticated digital commerce experiences tailored for every customer, across all customer touch points.

“By taking a platform-centric approach, leveraging Skava Commerce, retail clients can develop and quickly roll out new offerings on an ongoing basis, enable a consistent brand experience across channels, and deliver unique and delightful experiences within each individual channel,” said Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka.

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