Infosys presents new Artificial Intelligence platform Nia

Infosys for technology outsourcingTechnology outsourcing company Infosys has launched Infosys Nia, the latest Artificial Intelligence platform for enterprise users.

The company’s first-generation AI platform, Infosys Mana, and its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, AssistEdge have added 50+ clients and 150+ engagements across all industry sectors, within a year of operations.

“Nia, the next generation of our AI platform now takes our purposeful approach to AI, one in which technology serves to amplify people and empowers them to work in new ways, to new heights,” said Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka.

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Infosys said Nia converges the big data analytics, machine learning, knowledge management, and cognitive automation capabilities of Mana; RPA capabilities of AssistEdge; machine learning capabilities of Skytree; and optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and infrastructure management services.

Infosys said the Nia AI platform tackles business problems such as forecasting revenues, forecasting what products need to be built, understanding customer behavior, understanding the content of contracts and legal documents, understanding compliance, and fraud.

Infosys Nia can improve order-to-cash process by creating a real-time risk profile to customize the collection strategy, expedite resolution of disputes, predict anomalies, prevent disputes, and enable better visibility and forecasting of cash flow to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO).

Infosys Nia can predict variability in manufacturing and material cost, while also reducing product development cycle times.

Infosys Nia can create knowledge models of multiple, complex labor contracts with an on-demand, self-service conversational interface to operationalize the knowledge.

Infosys Nia can create a customer genome based on internal and external data sources to help develop targeted messaging, accurately identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities, offer personalized solutions, and improve customer satisfaction.

“The modular set up of Infosys Nia allows for more flexibility when addressing diverse sets of use cases. On this journey, Infosys’ expansive AI and cognitive computing capabilities provide customers with solutions that put data at the center of their service delivery strategies,” said Tom Reuner, senior vice-president, HfS Research.