Infosys overhauls HR and payroll system for the Council of Europe

Infosys has upgraded the human resource management and payroll system for the Council of Europe, the Strasbourg-based international organization focused on promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe.

The rollout is part of a 10 year on-going partnership, with Infosys managing and customizing the complex HR system for the organization. Infosys will also support the new system for the next three years.

The Oracle’s PeopleSoft-based integrated HR and payroll system, which serves over 2,500 employees will streamline business processes and boost productivity.

The system will also result in substantial reduction in payroll execution times, down from 10 hours to just 22 minutes.  Combined with other global payroll process optimization such as payroll and accounting, it will deliver over 200 hours a month in time savings.

Infosys overhauled the payroll management by retrofitting and rewriting over 1,000 complex earnings and deductions business rules. The new system provides a better user experience, Infosys said.

Francis Dangel, director (a.i), Council of Europe, said, “Over the last decade we have developed a high level of trust with Infosys.  They won an international call for tender to take on this significant 18-month project.  In our everyday work, we are focused on protecting human rights, the rule of law and democracy in Europe.  A partner like Infosys allows us to focus on this important task while continuing to provide us with the best systems for our unique situation.”

Rajesh Krishnamurthy, president and global head, Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications and Services and Head of Europe, Infosys

“A decade ago, the Council of Europe was one of our first major engagements in the public sector in Europe.  While improving HR management was important then, this major renewal of their HR and payroll system comes at a time when all public sector bodies need to find ways to increase efficiency.  This migration to a new system will give the Council an improved HR system and improve productivity.”

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