Infosys offers three new services to global clients

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka
Global software major Infosys on Thursday announced three enhanced service offerings to its global clients in design thinking, platforms and knowledge-based IT.

“The enhanced services will help our clients address non-disruptive renewal and simplification of their landscapes, new offerings and business models and a culture of innovation in their firms,” Infosys chief executive Vishal Sikka told the company’s about 1.80 lakh employees here and away.

Naming the next-generation services as “Aikido”, he said the company would under “Kia” offer knowledge-based management and new landscapes to capture knowledge about its people, in its structures and systems over time.

“As a large scale and modular service to help renew enterprises, the Ki services include knowledge-based IT strategy, involving KBIT assessments, development of an operating roadmap and a portfolio rationalization of present initiatives,” Sikka told his techies.

The outsourcing firm will also offer knowledge-based Curation services, cost optimization to help its enterprisers renew their mainframe applications and drive automation in business operations.

Similarly, Ki-based innovation will leverage new application development, new technology and platform adoption.

“In Aikido, aki’ is knowledge-based IT, ado’ in design thinking and aai’ in platforms. This will accelerate execution of our strategy to renew services and move into new areas, as well as to tie our service lines to the strategic priorities of our clients,” Sikka said.


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