iGate signs $100 million IT deal with U.S. insurer MetLife

iGate has signed a five-year IT deal worth $100 million from U.S. insurer MetLife.
As part of the outsourcing deal, iGate will provide IT infrastructure support services to MetLife, an existing client.

“This win is a strong validation of iGate’s domain and technology expertise in the insurance industry,” said Sanjay Tugnait, executive vice-president and head of sales for North America. “Our 10-year long relationship with MetLife has given us deep understanding of the company’s global businesses and will enable us to achieve definitive business imperatives.”

iGate last month said it added 10 new customers (six are Fortune 1000 companies) in Q1 2013 against 14 new customers (seven Fortune 1000 companies) in the fourth quarter.

One of its recent clients includes an insurance carrier in the U.S. that listed in the Fortune 500 category. That company chose iGate as a third party administrator (TPA) of its claims operations. As part of this integrated technology and operations (iTOPS) deal, iGate will be responsible for the customer’s entire claims operations, IT applications and infrastructure and provide TPA services on its platform, where the client will pay on a per-policy-per-month model.

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