IBS signs IT outsourcing deal with MECA

International Business Systems (IBS) today announced its IT deal with MECA Group to upgrade to the latest IBS Business Suite 2015 and outsourcing its infrastructure.

The new contract is the continuation of a 10-year partnership. MECA Group, a player in the automobile parts, tools, and shop equipment, has already built a distribution model based on IBS software.

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Upgrading to the latest release of IBS Business Suite 2015 and outsourcing its infrastructure will aid MECA to increase flexibility and reduce risk in its IT platform. This apart, this move will allow MECA to handle its complex distribution even better. The new software will also eliminate any bespoke elements in the system.

By outsourcing its IT Infrastructure to IBS, MECA can free up resources for MECA to allocate towards the core business and not worry about the IT environment. The solution is set up on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that costs can be adjusted to follow the number of users on the system and add flexibility to the overall IT infrastructure.

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