IBM wins $540 mn IT outsourcing deal from Nordea Bank

IBM Services has won a $540 million IT outsourcing deal from Nordea Bank to outsource its IBM Z operations to IBM.
Nordea, which started its outsourcing relationship with IBM in 2003, will be outsourcing its majority of IBM Z infrastructure services in 5 countries. Nordea will transfer some of the employees to IBM.

Martin Jetter, senior vice president, IBM Global Technology Services, said: “Our new IT deal will help Nordea accelerate its leadership in the Nordics and provide a solid path to bringing new efficiencies in their digital transformation.”

IBM Services support

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IBM said the managed service contract differs from previous mainframe contract, having had the unique opportunity to write up a Service Level Agreement based on first-hand experience of running the Nordea mainframe.

The US-based technology company said contract negotiations with IBM have resulted in an agreement with the best possible outcome in relation to helping to ensure a sustainable and protected IBM Z set-up, based on Nordea’s current and future needs.

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