IBM signs 10-year application management contract with Spain bank Cajamar

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today announced its 10-year application management service contract with Cajamar Caja Rural, a bank in Spain, to ensure more efficiency and quality in applications development to offer better services to its clients.

Cajamar Caja Rural has 1.3 million members and around 4 million customers, 6,589 employees and 1,339 branches in Spain.

IBM will support Cajamar in developing and maintenance of a large number of applications including online banking, web development, payments methods, regulatory information, etc.

Additionally, Cajamar and INSA are finalizing the details for the creation of a Technology Innovation Center (CENIT) in Almería, Spain, which would help Cajamar expand its services and its client base. The center would allow Cajamar access to IBM’s capabilities and financial sector best practices.

The innovation center will be part of the network of CENIT centers that INSA has in Spain. Centers are currently located in Caceres, Salamanca, Orense and Reus.

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