How Accenture is assisting Biesse for digital transformation

Accenture Industry X.0 model
is assisting Biesse Group, a technology company for material processing, for its digital transformation.

Accenture worked with Biesse Group to analyze the impact of a shift to digital, frame its digitization strategy, and the implementation.

Accenture has created a new operating model as well as new service offering for Biesse, and built an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform to serve as the foundation of the manufacturer’s new digital service platform ‘SOPHIA.’

Accenture established an Innovation Engine within the client to help Biesse ideate, prototype and launch new services faster.

“Accenture is helping Biesse Group to develop a service-oriented approach that helps customers generate greater value from our machines,” said Stefano Porcellini, managing director of Biesse Group.

Accenture assisted Biesse staff to analyze machine and customer data to create valuable insights, and improve the Biesse customer experience. Accenture continues to deliver a large part of this work within a risk- and reward-sharing model.

Accenture says its Industry X.0 approach assists its customers to transform their core operations, their worker and customer experiences and their business models to achieve new levels of efficiency in the core of R&D, engineering, production, manufacturing and business.

Biesse’s SOPHIA is set to deploy digital services to its customers, including preventive maintenance alerts, machine management, manufacturing events analysis and remote software distribution. Sensors and devices on the machines generate in-depth data insights for display on easy-to-view dashboards using Microsoft Power BI data visualization.

This approach follows Accenture’s ‘Industry X.0’ model for industry digitization.

The platform runs on an Industry X.0 solution from Accenture, which uses the Accenture Connected Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) on Azure IoT offering. This enables SOPHIA to perform predictive analytics and real-time remote diagnostics.

Biesse’s customers will customize the services they receive, from machine alerts to services like in-depth machine analytics. These improve the customer’s equipment effectiveness, productivity, and satisfaction. Biesse plans to deploy services for its machinery aftermarket business across 20,000 machines, generating a new range of revenue streams.

The platform can help reduce warranty and maintenance costs, obtain real-time customer data and alerts. Biesse can use performance and usage insights from the field to improve product development, adding features to existing machines. The manufacturer can also provide customers with alerts that suggest ways to maximize production from their machines, thanks to the analysis of data feeds.

Industrial equipment companies that leverage the right combination of new technology, including big data, through Industry X.0 could increase their market capitalization by an average of more than $2.4 billion, according to Accenture’s research. Big data is one of the five key technologies that can also help these companies realize additional cost savings of $43,358 per employee.

“Biesse is following the Industry X.0 model to stay ahead of the pack. Companies that do so are able to fundamentally redesign customer experiences through personalization and advances in new and emerging technologies,” said Giuseppe La Commare, managing director, Industrial and Travel, Accenture.

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