Genpact uses AI to launch Neural Chat Assistant for contact center

Genpact employeeTechnology outsourcing major Genpact has tapped artificial intelligence (AI) to launch Neural Chat Assistant for its contact center customers.

According to Genpact, its Neural Chat Assistant solution increases the human agent’s productivity by 100 percent and reduces response times by approximately 50 percent, based on results from current engagements.

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Genpact says the Neural Chat Assistant solution reimagines contact center operations with an artificial intelligence (AI) virtual advisor in order to improve the customer experience.

Genpact has built the Neural Chat Assistant solutions on its Neural Intelligence Platform, a machine intelligence solution.

Artificial intelligence will assist contact centers to decrease problem resolution times from minutes to seconds, reduce escalations, predict and answer next questions to avoid follow up inquiries, and drive consistency and compliance in processes.

Genpact’s Neural Chat Assistant combines advanced technologies such as cognitive computing, natural language processing, natural language generation, machine learning, and other AI tools to drive intelligent chat operations with algorithms and analytics.

Neural Chat Assistant interprets the customer’s chat query, and provides responses that can reply to most customer queries. It learns from agents’ and customers’ interactions, and delivers more accurate answers based on prior selections.

“Neural Chat Assistant turns contact centers into profit centers—bringing together our unique domain knowledge with advanced AI technologies to improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage, while also lowering costs,” said Sanjay Srivastava, senior vice president and chief digital officer, Genpact.

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