Genpact Partners with Heubach to Transform Finance and Supply Chain Processes

Genpact, a global leader in business process management and digital transformation, has forged a strategic partnership with Heubach Group, a prominent supplier of color solutions.
Genpact BPO officeThis collaboration has been initiated to usher in a new era of efficiency and innovation within the finance, accounting, and supply chain processes of Heubach Group’s recently combined entity, following the acquisition of Clariant’s global pigments business.

With an unwavering commitment to optimizing operations and driving digital transformation, Genpact has established the Heubach Group Business Services (GBS) centers. These centers serve as hubs of enhanced efficiency, digital prowess, and agile operations, aligning with Genpact’s mission to deliver unparalleled customer experiences and propel sustainable business growth.

The partnership between Genpact and Heubach Group has paved the way for the establishment of four strategically located GBS delivery centers. These centers span Dalian, China; Cluj, Romania; Monterrey, Mexico; and Kolkata, India.

Collectively, these centers offer global coverage and serve as foundational pillars to support the new business’s diverse requirements. The innovative operating models implemented within these centers are characterized by flexibility and scalability, facilitating seamless integration of additional markets and accommodating the evolving needs of the business.

A distinct hallmark of this partnership is Genpact’s dedication to fostering excellence and innovation across finance, accounting, and supply chain processes. By harnessing advanced technologies and transformative methodologies, Genpact is empowering Heubach Group to navigate the complexities of modern business with unprecedented agility and resilience.

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