Future Group taps Cognizant for higher efficiency

Technology outsourcing company Cognizant today announced its deal with retail chain Future Group to transform Future Consumer (FCL), the consumer goods business, to achieve higher efficiency, agility and business impact.

Cognizant will build a platform – on SAP’s S/4HANA business suite — for FCL to simplify, automate and secure business processes, speed up collaboration, and maximize synergies across all lines of business and corporate functions.

FCL aims to optimize the supply chain and improve business throughput. Cognizant will also help FCL harness digital technologies, including mobile and data analytics, for real-time performance and operational insights to accelerate decision-making, innovation and time-to-market.

“This initiative is key to our focus on improving operational efficiencies and business agility to align with the changing needs of today’s digitally empowered customers,” said Saurabh Lal, ‎CEO of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at FCL.

This engagement expands Cognizant’s relationship with Future Group, which began in 2012 to provide IT infrastructure services for all Future Group companies.

“With faster, more efficient business processes and a tightly aligned value chain underpinned by real-time data, FCL will be able to turn agility into competitive advantage and realize the full potential of enterprise resources,” said Rajesh Balaji Ramachandran, global leader of Enterprise Application Services at Cognizant.

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