Firstsource Solutions’ FirstChat achieves contact resolution rates of 74% at a telecom operator

Infotech Lead India: Firstsource Solutions has implemented FirstChat, its new webchat product, at a number of clients to enhance their customer management processes.

Following the deployment of FirstChat at a U.K.-based mobile operator, the webchat solution delivered first contact resolution rates of 74 percent, with 75 percent of customers stating they were very satisfied.

On top of this achievement, a credit card client of Firstsource Solutions reported that FirstChat achieved satisfaction scores above 87 percent and sales conversion rates of 26.5 percent.

Firstsource’s newly launched web-based customer engagement solution is designed to enable organizations to reduce cost and raise customer satisfaction levels while improving the online customer experience.

Firstsource on Monday said that companies can leverage FirstChat across a wide range of areas including customer acquisition, online sales, customer service, technical support, and retention.

“We know that our clients want to reduce call volumes and encourage customers to self-serve, without compromising on the customer experience,” said Iain Regan, Firstsource Global Head of Sales and Marketing.

The BPO major says it has seen impressive results for those clients who have already adopted FirstChat as part of their multi-channel customer service strategy.

FirstChat combines a webchat technology platform with expert customer service advisors to bring the human touch to the web experience.

In addition, FirstChat facilitates self-service and increased customer satisfaction through online empowerment and first contact resolution.

FirstChat can be used by a range of sectors such as telecom and media, financial services, retail and e-commerce, utilities and B2C companies to facilitate e-service strategies and implement call and email deflection programs.

Earlier, Firstsource said employee strength reduced to 31,872 in the fourth quarter of FY 2013 against 31,902 in Q3 FY 2013 as it has shut down two centers in India. Q4 annualized attrition in Offshore (India and Philippines) has decreased to 49.2 percent from 59.4 percent in the previous quarter.

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