Financial Times selects Infosys for digital experience

Infosys announced a collaboration with Financial Times (FT), one of the world’s leading business news organizations owned by Nikkei Inc.
The FT, a leader in using technology to enhance user experience, is using digital techniques to bring readers closer to the stories.

The two companies will work on a climate change-related simulation. This will take inspiration from an earlier newsroom innovation that was a strong hit with readers: the Uber Game. Here readers were put in the driving seat, immersed directly into the business model of Uber.

The FT and Infosys teams will also develop a crossword app for its global following. The publication’s crosswords have a loyal following. It will be available to a much wider global audience in an engaging digital format for the first time.

“Our readers expect the best from the FT and we are experimenting with exciting digital ways to bring stories and features to a wider audience. With Infosys’ help, we can use technology better and faster to deliver Editorial features in more enterprising and eye-catching way,” said James Lamont, Director of Strategic Partnerships.

The Financial Times has a record paying readership of more than one million, three-quarters of which are digital subscriptions.

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