Facebook contractor Genpact hikes wages for content moderation teams

Facebook contractor Genpact has increased wages for the content moderation teams it runs for the social media giant in India, Reuters reported.
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Earlier, Genpact employees faced stressful conditions at the social network’s sites globally.

Facebook has introduced several initiatives in the past six months to support teams doing the repetitive work of wading through billions of potentially harmful or violent posts on its social media platforms.

Reuters reported in February on a group of workers at Genpact’s offices in Hyderabad, who described the work they did as underpaid, stressful and sometimes traumatic.

Genpact has more than doubled minimum salaries for new recruits to its Facebook teams to 250,000 Indian rupees ($3,503) a year.

Based on job adverts and employee paystubs, Reuters reported earlier that the starting salary for some graduate content moderators was just 100,000 Indian rupees ($1,401).

“We can confirm that Genpact did recently raise salaries for our team in India that supports Facebook as part of an annual review process that emphasizes paying a competitive market rate,” the India-based technology outsourcing company said.

As of February, Genpact employed more than 1,600 employees in its Facebook teams in Hyderabad, more than 10 percent of the 15,000 the social network said were working on content moderation worldwide.

Facebook in May raised minimum wages for U.S. content moderators to $18 to $22 per hour depending on location from $15 nationwide, and last week said it is still studying increases in other countries.

The Genpact unit in Hyderabad reviews posts in English as well as a host of Indian languages, Arabic, and some Afghan and Asian tribal dialects, according to Facebook.

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