Exelon adopts mobile-based eWP to enhance productivity

American commercial nuclear power company Exelon has implemented a mobile technology based electronic work package (eWP) to enhance productivity of its workforce.

The company claims that the technology represents the first transition of a commercial nuclear power plant from paper-based work packages to a completely digital solution — from planning through closeout.

Exelon, in collaboration with the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company Accenture, conducted a feasibility study in 2013. It found that the mobile tablet solution for work management would provide performance improvement opportunities while also meeting stringent regulatory and safety requirements. The findings showed that the technology offered better capability to manage various work streams while improving data accuracy and reducing costs.

The company has stated that the eWP gives it the “ability to use real-time information and apply advanced analytics to improve reliability and maintenance effectiveness”.


The eWP based on software from DataGlance is deployed using Apple iPads which have been distributed among plant maintenance crews.

“The new eWP system has generated efficiencies by transforming the work cycle and the productivity of hundreds of employees, from planners and maintenance supervisors to plant workers and those responsible for data entry and reporting,” said Dave Rhoades, Exelon’s senior vice president of operations support. “The eWP improves the resources available to our maintenance workers and eliminates latency in capture and transfer of critical maintenance information.”

The deployment of the eWP solution required seamless integration of enterprise IT systems with operational technologies in the field and the mobile devices, to ensure safety, standardization and accuracy of information.

“Embracing digital technology has been a challenge for asset-intensive and highly regulated industries, but the future of a nuclear plant is digital – the digital worker solution shows how innovation at Exelon continues to position the company as a leader in nuclear operations performance and safety,” said Terry Maxey, managing director in Accenture’s utilities industry group.

“Exelon nuclear workers, utilizing mobile technology in place of the legacy paper-based packages, now have the ability to use real-time information and apply advanced analytics to improve reliability and maintenance effectiveness,” Maxey added.

Ajith Kumar S
[email protected]

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