Dell Services brings robotic process for enterprises

Dell Services Announces Robotic Process Automation Solution
Dell Services today launched a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to assist in increasing speed and accuracy in business processes.

Dell Services is now integrating the AFTE personal assistants into its BPO solutions.

The company said Automated Full-Time Equivalent (AFTE) and AFTE Command Center are software agents or robots to perform repeatable, rules-based tasks in business processes. Enterprise customers can monitor the performance of the agents through a real-time dashboard.

“Twenty years ago, low-cost labor markets revolutionized the outsourcing industry. RPA is the next frontier,” said Tanvir Khan, vice president and global head, Dell Business Process Outsourcing.

While Dell’s AFTEs perform tasks with a high degree of accuracy, Dell’s Personal Robotic Assistants (PRA) can complete the process with only a final review needed by a human. Dell’s PRAs have gone beyond traditional AFTEs to incorporate machine learning — ensuring 100 percent accuracy.

The next-generation of AFTE, currently under development by Dell, will incorporate even more cognitive intelligence: self-healing, self-service, and predictive analytics.

Human workers conduct claims processing in 4.5 minutes, but Dell robots completed the same in 45 seconds or less.

Scapa Group, a bonding and adhesive components manufacturer, tapped Dell Services for customer automate processes to move from manual, paper-based processes. Dell helped Scapa streamline production processes across all its North American plants, giving the company real-time data and better visibility into their overall operation.

Dell also assisted Greene Tweed to automate collection of inspection data and eliminate manual data entry.

Arya MM
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