CSI Call Center is available to NuPoint core banking customers

CSI, a leading provider of financial technology and regulatory technology solutions, has unveiled its latest offering, the CSI Call Center.
CSI Call CenterThis outsourced customer service capability is available to NuPoint core banking customers, providing them with a valuable resource to meet their customer service needs.

Operated by Fintexperts, the CSI Call Center is equipped with the necessary resources and expertise to handle customer inquiries, particularly during periods of increased call volume, staffing challenges, or after-hours support for account holders.

By seamlessly integrating with an institution’s CRM, the call center ensures that customer inquiries are addressed on behalf of the bank, maintaining the exceptional service standards that customers expect.

Bob Ezell, CSI’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, said: “Several of our core customers have already adopted CSI Call Center and have reported reduced operational expenses and training costs, all while upholding their standard of service and customer experience.”

“Our experts act as an extension of our customers’ teams, allowing banks to scale effortlessly and provide uninterrupted support to their account holders. Together, we can enhance customer satisfaction by delivering a consistent customer experience.”

Dezarae N. Conn, Vice President and Operations Manager of Consumers National Bank in Minerva, Ohio, praised the CSI Call Center, said: “CSI Call Center has proven to be a cost-effective solution for extending our hours of availability. Their friendly and professional representatives have become invaluable assets for both our in-house support staff and customers.”

To ensure comprehensive and accurate records of every interaction, each call center interaction is logged through the bank’s CRM contact workflow. This guarantees that a complete transcript and report are generated following each account holder call. Furthermore, the service effectively handles high call volumes without relying on automation systems or recruiting additional staff members to man the phone lines.

David Culbertson, President and CEO of CSI, said: “Our offering combines our commitment to customer success with advanced technology to directly address business and account holder issues. We take great pride in empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to serve their account holders best and look forward to partnering with them on the front lines.”

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