Contact centers using Avaya report greater benefits overall

Infotech Lead America: Firms whose agents use Avaya Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions are 63 percent more likely than industry average firms to do their jobs better owing to easy access to timely and relevant information through their desktop.

According to a research study by Aberdeen Group, Avaya customers are able to achieve notably greater contact center performance gains annually while improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs. Contact centers using Avaya solutions are able to align their practices to ensure compliance, capture and utilize customer and operational data and improve contact center performance generally.

Seventy three percent of users of Avaya were able to direct customers to the most suitable channels to address their needs. 61 percent of Avaya users reported ease in handling customer requests across multiple channels.

Avaya users were also able to adhere to quality assurance guidelines better compared to industry average companies. 84 percent of Avaya users reported a  6.1 percent year-over-year increase in quality compliance, as compared to 1.3 percent industry average. 44 percent of Avaya users use call recording technology and 40 percent users are more likely to enforce call recording polices compared to industry average firms.

Seventy one percent of senior executives who used Avaya in their companies have created a culture of trust in contact center data collected through numerous systems and channels compared to the industry average of 50 percent.

Additionally, Avaya customers were found to be 12 percent more likely than industry average firms to engage in a practice of scaling activities up and down to meet varying customer demand.

The Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight, published in March 2013 revealed that the main challenge faced by companies wanting to adopt CEM initiatives is serving a more “empowered customer”. Customers today are more aware of their options and have access to more technology tools through a variety of channels. They are better informed about the products and services they seek to buy. While catering to the empowered customer, companies need to have a tight grip on rising contact center operational costs.

The Aberdeen Group report mentions that tools such as Automatic Call Distribution and Multichannel agent desktop help agents deliver a more personalized customer experience by simplifying the analysis of customer’s historical data and previous interactions. Such analysis will enable agents to anticipate customer needs and maintain operational excellence.


Earlier this year, Avaya introduced analytics and customer interaction solutions that utilize big data.

The Aberdeen Group created the report on the basis of a global survey conducted with 478 customer care executives in 2012, around contact center best practices and technology enablement.

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