Cognizant renews IT contract with insurance leader Zurich Germany

Cognizant has extended its IT contract with insurance leader Zurich Germany to deliver more digital services offerings to its clients and partners.
Cognizant HungaryCognizant will work with Zurich Germany to simplify, modernize, and manage and maintain the insurer’s enterprise application landscape in the General Insurance domain. Cognizant will establish joint DevOps teams to extend Zurich Germany’s artificial intelligence (AI), data, software engineering and cloud capabilities.

Zurich Germany is expected to reduce the total cost of ownership, speed up the time to market of new digital services and products, and lay the foundation for further digital and agile enablement of the enterprise.

“Cognizant has proven itself as a knowledgeable and reliable strategic partner, and we look forward to further capitalizing on its industry expertise to help us advance our digital transformation,” said Jens Becker, chief information officer, Zurich Germany, in a news statement.

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