Cognizant acquires digital marketing agency Cadient Group

IT service provider Cognizant has acquired Cadient Group, a digital marketing agency that serves life sciences companies.

Cognizant will benefit from digital assets and intellectual property including Reveal, an insights and analytics platform; Immerse, an experiential marketing platform; and OneVoice, an advocacy campaign management platform.

Cognizant is seeking to boost association with healthcare business by acquiring Cadient and its digital marketing capabilities for life science companies. Life sciences companies around the world have significantly increased their emphasis on web, mobile, and social engagement with all of their stakeholders, while leveraging analytics to drive a customer-centric approach to marketing and sales.

Cognizant’s healthcare practice has annualized revenue of $2.5 billion.

Cognizant serves 28 of the top 30 global pharmaceutical companies, 16 of the top 20 health plans in the U.S., 4 of the top 5 pharmacy benefit management companies in the U.S., 9 of the top 10 biotech companies, and 12 of the top 15 medical device companies.


The acquisition of Cadient expands Cognizant’s digital marketing capabilities. Pennsylvania-based Cadient has more than a decade of experience in providing digital strategy, marketing, and technology and analytics solutions to the life sciences industry.

More than 100 digital specialists — with expertise in brand strategy and planning, content development, user-centered design, multi-channel analytics, and digital, social and mobile marketing — will join Cognizant.

Shankar Narayanan, vice president and global markets leader of the Life Sciences practice at Cognizant, said: “In a competitive industry with many digitally active stakeholders, the acquisition of Cadient Group will complement Cognizant’s digital and interactive solutions capability.”

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