China Pacific Insurance deploys Verint’s Impact 360 Speech Analytics software

Infotech Lead Asia: China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC) has deployed Verint’s Impact 360 Speech Analytics software in its Shanghai contact center.

The company selected Impact 360 Speech Analytics to complement its existing use of call recording technology from Verint.

“Verint Impact 360 Speech Analytics is accelerating the rate in which we’re able to identify and take action on the processes that impact customer satisfaction and quality. It also has enabled us to consistently improve the quality of our customer satisfaction programs,” said a representative from CPIC.

The goal of CPIC is to become the leader in customer service within China’s insurance industry.

Impact 360 Speech Analytics is designed to help global organizations gain insight from recorded calls to deliver a better customer experience; improve products, services and supporting business processes; and streamline costs.

In addition, the software can tell users why customers call, reveal the root causes of customer perceptions and high call volumes, and identify market threats and opportunities. This information can then be used to provide high-value intelligence across the enterprise—from contact center through to executives.

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