Capgemini supports Esaote for digital transformation

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IT services company Capgemini has revealed how it supported Esaote, a manufacturer of medical diagnostic systems, for its digital transformation.

Esaote has its production and research units in Italy and The Netherlands with more than 1,200 employees worldwide.

Esaote has selected Capgemini to synchronize the production processes in its plants to gain production efficiency and optimization to reduce costs, through leaner cycles. Capgemini assisted Esaote to achieve less production defects to enable scrap and rework cost reductions, and correct plant maintenance strategies to improve component traceability.

Capgemini, one of the leading technology outsourcing companies in the world, has devised a digital transformation aimed at simplifying Esaote’s technological architecture, through SAP solutions and implemented solutions in less than 10 months.

“Esaote wanted to digitize its business processes and create efficiencies by adopting a unique and integrated way to manage them. Capgemini helped us to achieve a rapid transformation of our technological and production infrastructure into a Smart Factory model with SAP solutions,” said Mauro Roncari, CIO at Esaote.

Capgemini assisted Esaote to capture diagnostic images and compare them with target scans, which verify the correct set up of probes. The operator can focus on collecting and analyzing data and recording measurements — supported by automated management of the non-compliance issues.

Esaote can monitor performance in real-time with KPIs and analytics. The solution is scalable as it defines processes enabling the production management to map machines, workstations, skills, operations’ lines and sequences that need to be performed.

“We brought together our expertise in digital manufacturing with SAP solutions to support Esaote in achieving its goal of transforming its technological infrastructure with a Global Industry 4.0 platform,” Gerardo Ciccone, head of Manufacturing & Life Science at Capgemini in Italy.

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